Monday, September 19, 2016

Playing With Unreal

     I opened up a fresh unreal playground with starter content. I first decided to simulate what I had learned in class. I dragged a cube onto the center of the screen and changed the dimensions so that it would be flat. I then put a directional light up in order for the scene to be visible. I dragged a sphere onto the screen and elongated it, similar to what we did in class. I then began to resize and play with the dimensions of the other shapes that are available.
    unfortunately,  Unreal keeps on crashing on my computer, or makes it go very slow the things I could do were limited. I played with different lighting but settled with directional lighting as my preferred choice. I added a player start and camera last by simply dragging them.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

1st Team Meeting

It turns out that it's true what everyone says: Coordinating with a team is hard. 

In total, there are four of us on a team. Each one of us involved in different groups and following different schedules. Finding a good time for us to meet up in person proved to be difficult. In the end, we decided to host a Google Hangout session and even then only three of us were present. Nih, Erfaan, and I began to discuss our game. 

Ideas were thrown around, me simply saying open world games are my absolute favorite, and we all thought an idea was "cute". Nhi has a rescue dog who she absolutely loves. She'd love to create a game about the adventures of her dog before they were rescued. Erfaan and I both liked the idea and what we could do with it. I want the game to have quirky details...Can't wait to see where we go with the idea next.  

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

My Picture and Games I Like

This is a picture I took while I was standing by the Washington Monument.

One of my favorite games is Don't Starve. I love the design of the game!
Another one of my favorite games is Grand Theft Auto V . I like the open world aspect of the game. 

Test Video

This is the link to my video. In it I explain that I am showing my ability to record and post a video onto youtube.